“Let’s visit Jiri” campaign to be launched

Once known as “Gateway to Sagarmatha”, the beautiful valley of Jiri’s tourism has gone downhill in recent years. After the establishment of Lukla airport in Solukhumbu, most of the climbers take the new route to the mountain and back. So lately there have been more internal tourists compared to external tourists in Jiri.

In order to improve economic level of Jiri through tourism, Progressive Youth Assessment Center has been organizing various programs in Jiri.

To promote internal tourism, the organization is soon initiating “Let’s visit Jiri” campaign. “We are promoting Jiri through campaign”, says the president of the organization, Lilaram Khadka. “To make this campaign a success, we are collaborating with Jiri municipality, chamber of commerce, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and concept Nepal and youth association currently active in Jiri.” He added.

Campaign starts in Kathmandu. Conference will be held in Jiri to discuss about its tourism. Journalists will be visiting to promote Jiri. “Basically, our campaign will solely be based on promoting Jiri.”       He said.

The organization will soon be publishing Booklets, leaflets, posters and other promotional tools that will help them to achieve their goal of making the campaign a success. They also have made different packages for Dolakha.

“We are visiting different schools, colleges and corporation of Kathmandu with packages of Dolakha and Jiri”, Khadka says, “The package for Jiri is of 2 nights and 3 of Dolakha.”

Jiri has different natural, cultural and heritage sites like Gireshowr mahadev, beautiful landscapes, chaitya, gumba, tea garden, Buddha Park, cheese factory, sikri, chryodung, hanumante, yalung, and halesi gupha.

Likewise, Dolakha package includes bhimeshowr, kalinchok and sailung area. The organization has made packages for jatapokhari and panchpokhari as well.

The campaign is expected to be started from Aasadh for the tenure of one year, according to the organization.

Here are some pictures.