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We are all aware about recent events which include the arrest of artists. Nepal Police arrested two of the artists within the period of 48 hours. For those unaware about the situation, a rapper named Samir Lama who goes by his stage name, Vten was arrested on Thursday for promoting vulgarity and narcotics on his song “Hami Estai Ta Ho Ni Bro” and for posting a picture of himself dressed as a cop with marijuana in his hand on Facebook. The song has now been taken down from YouTube.

Vten has 2 lakh followers on his Facebook page where he uploaded the controversial picture. While a person of his online stature should think twice before doing such things and think twice of the consequences of his actions, arresting him without any warning seems a bit harsh.

Prior to the arrest of Vten, a singer named Durgesh Thapa was arrested on Wednesday for promoting narcotics and alcohol on his new song, “Happy Tihar Chiso Beer”.

This is not the first time police have done something controversial that includes a celebrity. A month ago, a stand-up comedian named Pranesh Gautam was arrested. He is an employee of a Facebook page, “Meme Nepal” and was arrested for reviewing a movie. The director of the movie didn’t like his review so he pressed charges against Pranesh and so he was arrested.

People were outraged by this animosity and people were gathered around Maitighar Mandala demanding that Pranesh be freed.

These events just goes to show how fragile our government is. While convicted rapists, murderers and corrupt contractors are on the loose, living their lives under the protection of political parties, the government seems to be highly concerned about the words and phrases used in a song.

“Article 16 to Article 47 of the Nepalese constitution guarantees 31 fundamental rights to Nepalese people. These include freedom to live with dignity and “freedom of speech and expression”.

Police are supposed to maintain law and order in the country, they aren’t supposed to go around arresting people based on what they say.

Police My Friend” is the official motto of Nepal police but  their action tells a different story.

The country is slowly turning into a fascist state. Ban on video games, porn and now music seems to be the start of the new era, a dark era. At the rate our government is operating, it is safe to say that they will someday ban access to Internet to the people.