Nepal's Speaker of Parliament arrested on rape allegations

Photo:  onlinekhabar

Police had increased surveillance over Krishna Bahadur Mahara against whom a rape case was filed earlier this week. An employee of the parliament, Roshani Shahi filed the case against The Speaker of The House of Representatives, Krishna Bahadur Mahara. He then resigned from his position to help police with the investigation.

The victim then redacted her statement saying that she was fighting with "depression" and accused Mahara only out of spite. She redacted her statement on Wednesday; a day after Mahara had resigned.

She again filed an official complaint against Mahara on Saturday. The police had been trying to get an arrest warrant against the accused, according to the sources. 

The victim first filed a complaint against Mahara on October 1. According to her, Mahara sneaked into her room on Saturday, September 28 and tried to rape her. 

The incident happened at around 7 in the evening. The victim then called a congresswoman, Uma Regmi at around 11 PM to inform her about Mahara's doings. ""I need justice" was what she told when she first called me", Congresswoman Regmi said.

"I asked her what had happened and she told me that she had been raped. I asked her who did it and she said "The Speaker"." 

Congresswoman Regmi told about the incident to her colleagues the next day.

The police conducted the victim’s medical examination and all the evidences were sent to forensics for further investigation.

This high profile case has since gained a lot of interest from the media and the public. 

As of now, the police, from his quarters in Baluwatar have arrested the accused. The District Court granted an arrest warrant against Mohara earlier this afternoon and the police proceeded to his quarters to make the arrest.

The victim filed a complaint against Mahara on Friday. Police couldn't get an arrest warrant on Saturday because the District Court was closed so the investigation was put on hold.

The police obtained an arrest warrant against Mahara on Sunday and went to his quarter to make the arrest. He has been taken into SinghaDurbar Police beat.

The police took him into custody in his own private car in his demand. The police initiallly had planned to make the arrest in Police van.