Tiger’s photographer

(All pictures: Deepak Rajbanshi)

NEPAL,BARDIYA(BL)—Bardiyan National park is famous for Tigers all around the world. There are 85 adult tigers in the park. There are some cubs too. We can see them from Chaitra to Asadh. During summer, they come out of their dens to drink and swim in the park’s river. And spend hours doing so. We can take their pictures from afar. Most of the people do.

Lately, a local resident of Bardiya, Deepak Rajbanshi has been a hot topic after he took some aesthetically pleasing pictures of Tigers. Rajbanshi, who has been working as a nature guide for the last four years, started photography too. He started as a nature guide under his own uncle, Rajman Chaudhary and photography under Om Yadav.

He goes to the jungle everyday with his camera, fixes his lens immediately upon seeing an animal. He has taken several pictures of Tigers. Some of them are within a very short distance. He gathers courage while doing so. Not only Tigers, he’s taken pictures of wild elephants, rhinos, Birds and pictures that reflect Tharu culture and lifestyle.

He’s been taking pictures of birds and animals with the consciousness of conservation and hobby. However, he’s failing to generate income from photography. We can see his work this year in Kathmandu. His well-wishers are encouraging him to organize his pictures’ exhibition on the occasion of “Visit Bardiya 2076”.

The year 2076 is being celebrated as “Visit Bardiya” year by Tharkur baba municipality in collaboration with tourism development board. According to the president of the board, Mohanlal Chaudhary, the main objective of the project is to increase internal tourists.

The park consists of 41 one horned rhinos, 120 wild elephants, Hundreds of species of birds and tigers. Bardiya, previously was a hunting ground for Kings and princes. The area of the park is 968 square kilometers. It was established in 1968 A.D as royal hunting ground and was later turned into a national park in 1988 A.D.

A young photographer of 25 years is the unofficial ambassador of Bardiya national park. We wish you all the very best. 

Here's some of his works