Second cultural competition starts in Bhume

Bhume Rukum (Festival)

Bhume, a village located at the east of Rukum district is organizing "Traditional Cultural Competition-2076" starting from Monday to Aasadh 5.

On the occasion of Bhume festival, open inter village cultural competition is being held with the main objective of cultural promotion whose main slogan is "Save local culture", said the president of Bhume Municipality, Ramsur Budhamagar.

Home of the indigenous Magar people, Bhume is at the east of Rukum district which includes Putha uttarganga VDC, Thawang VDC and Sunchahari VDC, tend to celebrate Bhume festival with bash.

In recent years, this festival is celebrated in Khalanga: which is the Headquarter of west Rukum, Ghorahoi of Dang and major cities of Kathmandu.

Bhume festival is the biggest festival of Magar people living in Magarat area. In this naturally gifted area, people celebrate the festival for the entirety of one week starting from Aasadh 1.

On the eve of the festival, boys and girls go to the nearest lake to pick flowers, perform rituals and return home the next day with joy.

People tend to worship soil/land during the festival. This ritual is performed to express their gratitude and happiness on harvesting winter corps successfully and to pray that no harm comes to the monsoon corps.

Sacrifice is made in Bhumethan to prevent natural disasters like flood and landslide. The ritual is performed in the very first day of the festival, Aasadh 1. The ritual is performed throughout the week on the place of their choosing.


Different dance forms like Bhume naach, Nacharu, Mayur, Phank, Jhoralani, Paiseru naach are included in the competition. This year, 5 in Paiseru, 3 in Nacharu naach, 4 in Phank naach, 3 in Mayur and 2 groups in Jhorelani are participating in Bhume Dance Competetion.

This year's organizers are Cultural and Tourism Development Board, Nepal, Rukum (west) and Co-organizers are Traditional Cultural Arts Center and Kham Multi-social Organization Rukum (East).  Bhume VDC is helping in the succession of competition too.

Sneak peeks of different cultures from various villages were shown at the opening ceremony of the festival. The competition will be held till Asadh 5.