Trump says US government should SUE Google, Facebook and Twitter for left-wing bias as he claims social media and Internet search giants are 'trying to rig the 2020 election'

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Hidden-camera video exposé showed Google executive conceding political bias

Trump says the company and other tech giants are skewed toward Democrats

Suggests lawsuits or new legislation could be needed to bring them in line

President claims Twitter intentionally stops people from following his account

White House will host online tech 'summit' in July with executives

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other companies will be on the hot seat

Donald Trump said Wednesday that social media and online search companies like Twitter and Google are 'trying to rig the election' in 2020 by skewing their platforms against conservatives.

The president suggested that tech giants should be subjected to lawsuits and targeted by new legislation, even as the White House plans to host a summit next month to court their executives.

His take-no-prisoners comments came after a right-wing group caught a Google executive on camera acknowledging political biases and vowing to 'stop the next Trump situation.'

Google's Jen Gennai was filmed at a restaurant explaining that the company was trying to understand 'what happened there, and how do we prevent it from happening again.'