Does a horizon of knowledge exist?

St.Mary's School, Nepal

Grade: X

Benjamin franklin rightly said "An Investment in Learning Pays the Best Interest." Human evolution over eons is an outcome of education and it is the sole basis upon which the future of the human race depends. When channelized the infinite inquisitiveness, the quest for knowledge and learning manifests as education. This education prepares one for the joy of service to oneself, the society and the nation, at large in this world. Thus, one's education is undoubtedly worth investment.

True education is that which helps one in utilizing one's senses confidently and innovatively. It aids the learner in making informed decisions and transcending the boundary of conformity. Education is truly the sole precursor to constant progress in all levels. It teaches one to reason and evaluate certain circumstances. It expands one's horizon of knowledge and vision and helps to see through dubious ploys and schemes. It helps to explore one's innate potential, develops confidence and gears one for success. Education is an on going process which breaks the cocoon of limited knowledge and allows one to an exposure.

As Malala Yousafzai said, "With guns you can kill terrorists; with education you can kill terrorism." With education one can transform to become rationalists in outlook, i.e. be pro-peace, not anti-war. Therefore, it is considered the light of life. Education offers financial success and stability by providing better earning opportunities. It is an essential asset in attaining quality of life. People with good education live a relatively better family life and enjoy healthy relationships. All in all, it fights against all evils and promotes prosperity in a society and nation.

Furthermore, education instills consciousness. It enables one to adapt our needs according to prevailing conditions at any point of time. It guides one to make profound choices in matters of nutrition health and cleanliness. Especially, in developing countries, the most crucial aspect of harmonious and sustainable development is foundations and one of the firm foundations is education. It is found that the countries with a high level, effective and more focused system of education are the leaders of the world both economically and socially.

In a nutshell, education dispels ignorance and exposes one to the world beyond their own surroundings. It is not merely a good degree of some reputed university. It is not only limited to schooling where people look at voluminous books and magic of numbers and alphabets. Rather, it has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of existence possible to man. I believe, it has to do with exploration, adaptability, tactfulness and advancement, which constantly pushes one to the paradise of more knowledge and wisdom.

(The article placed first position during "Inter-School Essay Competition" held at Modern Indian School in Nepal)