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Schools or bars? Opening classrooms may mean hard choices

  • Jul 09, 2020

President Donald Trump insists that schools reopen this fall. Many parents, educators, doctors and economists want the same thing. But getting children back to school safely could mean keeping high-risk spots like bars and gyms closed. A growing choru

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A predicted surge in US job growth for June might not last

  • Jul 02, 2020

U.S. employers likely rehired several million more workers in June, thereby reducing a Depression-level unemployment rate, but the most up-to-date data suggests that a resurgent coronavirus will limit further gains. Economists have forecast that busin

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China virus cases stabilize as Italy sees drop in deaths

  • Jun 28, 2020

 China has extended COVID-19 tests to newly reopened salons amid a drop in cases, while South Korea continues to face new infections after it eased social distancing rules to lift the economy. In the U.S., 

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Trump rally highlights vulnerabilities heading into election

  • Jun 22, 2020

President Donald Trump’s return to the campaign trail was designed to show strength and enthusiasm heading into the critical final months before an election that will decide whether he remains in the White House. Instead, his weekend ra

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Jefferson Davis statue torn down in Richmond, Virginia

  • Jun 11, 2020

Protesters tore down a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis along with Richmond, Virginia’s famed Monument Avenue on Wednesday night. The statue in the former capital of the Confederacy was toppled shortly before 11 p.m., news outlets

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`Death By Racism’: Part of America’s DNA from the start?

  • May 31, 2020

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a black man or woman living in America in 2020. How could you not believe that racism kills? If you are black, you need not imagine anything. You know it very well. You don&rsquo

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Wuhan lab head calls virus leak claims ‘pure fabrication’

  • May 24, 2020

NEW YORK — Claims promoted by the Trump administration that the global coronavirus pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the central Chinese city are a “pure fabrication,” the institute’s director said. Wang Yanyi was quoted by state media Sunday as saying the inst

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Japan plunges into recession as US states start opening up

  • May 18, 2020

NEW YORK — Japan’s economy plunged into recession in the first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic squelched business activity, while leaders in the U.S. and Europe are weighing the risks and rewards of lifting COVID-19 restrictions knowing that a vaccine could take years to develop. India, meanw

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Cold cases get colder as coronavirus pandemic wears on

  • May 13, 2020

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Cold cases are getting colder. Detectives are struggling to connect with victims through thick masks, and investigators accustomed to wearing plainclothes are digging out their dusty uniforms for patrol duty as the coronavirus pandemic rages.

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