Liquid I.V. Launches ‘Yummy’ New Drink Inspired By Justin Bieber’s Music


Justin Bieber may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of hydration, but the launch of Liquid I.V.’s new “Yummy” flavor inspired by the star’s hit single has officially changed that. Today, the celebrity-approved wellness brand is dropping a never-before-seen guava hibiscus version of their flagship product, the Hydration Multiplier.

With each mix, fans will get a refreshing fruity taste that will instantly transport them to a sunny tropical destination. Given everything that’s going on, there’s no better time for Beliebers to indulge in this breezy break. “Liquid I.V. continues to shape the wellness industry,” investor Scooter Braun said in a statement. “They are bringing a mainstream lifestyle marketing approach to an emerging and rapidly growing wellness industry, making it cool to be healthy. Brandin and I work well together because we always think big. I love being a part of something that impacts the world so positively on a large scale.”

Brandin Cohen is the CEO, founder, and mastermind behind this one-of-a-kind strategy. In addition to Justin and Hailey Bieber, he has recruited other Hollywood A-listers such as Kendall Jenner, Kevin Hart, and many more as investors. Beyond bringing some of the most influential people together, the company is committed to bettering lives all over the world. For every purchase of Liquid I.V., the brand donates a serving to someone in need living in developing countries around the globe. Hydration Multiplier provides the same hydration as drinking two to three cups of water and this capability is crucial for individuals with limited access to running water.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Liquid I.V. made sure to also help out local communities across America. In total, the company has donated over 2.3 million sticks to healthcare professionals on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 in over 2,300 hospitals. “We have such a collaborative and unified team,” Cohen mentioned to Forbes. “We’ve had to quickly turn things around and work from home, but our business continued to surge throughout this time. Our whole team has bonded together so incredibly and we’ve actually gotten closer while working remotely. We’re now one more than ever before and we’ve bonded together to fight through this adversity as much as we can. Every single person who’s a part of Liquid I.V. has been extremely instrumental.”

The “Yummy” flavor is available for purchase now online, but Liquid I.V. products can also be found at Costco, Whole Foods Market Target, Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Hudson News, and many more.

Source: Forbes

Publish : 2020-05-15 15:35:07

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