The First Human-Composting Funeral Home is Open in The US


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After years of research, planning, and reformation of state law, Recompose, the first funeral home to convert dead human bodies into the soil is open.

The exteriority of the Recompose perfectly matches the neighbourhood but moving inwards strike calmness into you, giving off a perfect spaceship vibe with a few soil-working tools (shovels, rakes, pitchforks) on racks, bags of tightly packaged straw neatly stacked on shelves, fern-green walls, potted plants of various sizes. 

The room is occupied by one gigantic object, looking like a massive fragment of white honeycomb. There are 10 "vessels" from Recompose, each a hexagon enclosing a steel cylinder full of soil. Eight decedents were already within eight vessels on one day in mid-January, undergoing the process of natural organic reduction (NOR) or, more colloquially, human composting.

Publish : 2021-01-25 21:29:00

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