Several Iranian news websites seized by US law enforcement

Iran accused the US of seizing a number of news channels [Getty]

The US law enforcement has seized control over the sites of the two Iranians, Press TV and Al-Alam and the Yemeni Houthis Al-Masirah TV, comments on Tuesday's websites.

Each site had shown a single page stating "The United States Government's confiscation" and referring to US penalties legislation, accompanied by the FBI seal and the US Department of Trade.

The parent of Al-Alam, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, reported the seizure of several sites, including a Palestinian-directed radio broadcast and a religious and cultural channel in Arabic.

The IRIB accused the USA of suppressing freedom of expression and combining forces with Israel and Saudi Arabia "to ban media channels for resistance exposing the atrocities of the region's U.S. friends."

While the seizures by US officials were not immediately recognized, the US-Iranian tensions over the now tested nuclear deal with international powers have increased. They are still widespread.

Publish : 2021-06-23 12:59:00

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