Afghan-Taliban Issue

BREAKING: Taliban issue death sentence for brother of an Afghan translator

Image: EPA / Stringer

The Taliban has sentenced to death the brother of an Afghan translator who worked with US troops.

According to three letters obtained by CNN from the Taliban, the insurgents accused the man of providing security for his sibling and assisting the US during the war.

The letters, written in Pashto, were delivered to the brother over a three-month period.

The first letter required the brother to appear in court for a hearing on the allegations, and the second was a notice for failure to appear.

According to the outlet, the death sentence was handed down in the third letter after the Taliban found him “guilty in absentia.”

“You have been accused of helping the Americans… You are also accused of providing security to your brother, who has been an interpreter,” one of the letters read.

Publish : 2021-08-23 19:05:00

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