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Shawn Levy's new movie Free Guy has something for everyone

From Deadpool to pop culture references, Capitalist Exploitation to False notion of freedom, Free Guy is a movie that has one in all.

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Imagine you are a video game character living in a horrible world and believing it is perfect, doing what you are told to do, and believe you are free. Although it might sound very far from reality, Ryan Reynold's new movie Free Guy does a great job to show it isn't too far.

The movie which is exclusively streaming on HBO Max and theaters around the world is a weird mix of science fiction, romance, drama, action, gaming, dark, and comedy genres to represent the horror of the world we are living in. And no doubt the movie does a great job justifying its positions in all the genres it's covered.

The movie, directed by Shawn Levy, has something for everyone who's watching. It is nostalgic, techy, lovely, and nerdy, and also action-packed, sweet, and funny.

The movie does a great job of showing how the current society of late-stage capitalism works. How the ruling ideology has hegemony has been guiding our action.

The movie also shows capitalist exploitation, bourgeois greed, petty-bourgeois selfishness, and the proletariat spirit, which triumphs.

Overall, the movie Free guy puts a nail in the coffin for what it wants.

It doesn't also fail to depict the necessity of class consciousness, how goggles which show how things for how they are could change the way you see the world.

Taking on the spoilers, the movie discusses the uneven classes and freedom for a handful of people. The movie also gives some vibe of the popular philosopher Slavoj Zizek and his movie Pervert’s guide to the cinema in particular.

The movie also has cameos from several YouTube and other Gaming personalities including JackSepticEye, Pokemane, and many more.

It also stars Chris Evans, along with Captain America Shield, Hulk’s feast, and other several pop culture references including Power Rangers, Ruicando, Starwars.

Ryan Reynolds plays the lead of the movie, who is a sideline character in a video game with total Artificial intelligence. He realizes he is not free in the city which is named “Free City,” does the same does day to day, while the “People with glasses” can do anything they want.

He tries to break out of the loop when he meets a girl, who is a player and falls in love with her. The move shows how there is an ideological hegemony of the current ruling ideology and how it sells us the notion of being free when we are not. It also shows how freedom is in the hands of a few, who are controlling what's happening.

The movie also shows how corporations steal other people's content and make money from it. Taika Watiti stars in the movie as Antony, who is the antagonist in the movie.

To summarize in short,  the 115 minutes invested in the movie will be worth it, it will give you everything you expect from the movie, if not more. 


Publish : 2021-10-13 07:28:00

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