Corbyn and Johnson deliver final messages as election polls narrow

Corbyn and Johnson deliver final messages as election polls narrow

Jeremy Corbyn urged Britain to “shock the establishment” and “vote for hope”, while Boris Johnson pleaded with voters to back him and settle the issue of Brexit before Christmas, at the conclusion of a bruising election campaign.

Both leaders stressed that the result could be very close as they toured marginal seats across the country with just 24 hours to go before the ballot boxes open on Thursday.

In his message to voters on the eve of Thursday’s general election vote, Corbyn claimed the country stands at a “fork in the road,” with a “truly historic” choice between parties that have widely different values and policies.

“Tomorrow you can shock the establishment, by voting for hope,” he told a rally in Hoxton in east London. “Hope for yourself. Hope for your family. Hope for your community. Hope for our NHS. Hope for our country. Tomorrow, vote for hope. Vote for real change.

“The establishment doesn’t want Labour to win.”

Corbyn also hammered home his core message from throughout the campaign, that Johnson would “open our NHS to takeover by American mega-corporations and carry on with more cuts”, saying that was why US president Donald Trump wants the prime minister to hold on to power.

Johnson hosted his own rally not far away from his rival in the Olympic Park in east London, making his message all about his determination to carry out Brexit.

“Enough is enough,” he said in remarks released ahead of Wednesday night’s rally. “This election is our chance to end the gridlock but the result is on a knife-edge.”

He also repeated his claim that if the Conservatives fail to win a majority then Corbyn would have to seek a deal with the Scottish National party, leading to second referendums both on the EU and Scottish independence.

“Today is our chance to unite as a country and put the uncertainty to bed so people can get on with their lives,” he said. “Just imagine how wonderful it will be to settle down to a turkey dinner this Christmas with Brexit decided – and how awful it would be if Corbyn and Sturgeon were in Downing Street advancing their plans for two more referendums.”

Published on: Dec 12, 2019 06:13:46