10 reasons why a nation should invest on space tech

In recent days, humans tested their scientific abilities with inventions that will be renewed and modified with the expansion of knowledge and technology in decades to come.  With the cultural, political, socio-economic impact of space technology and space exploration, every country feels the need to invest and focus on space tech

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As a child, I was told I was likely to be abducted, the reality was far more insidious

“It’ll be nice,” she told my parents. “You can go out and get dinner, just the two of you. The baby will be fine.” My father was touched by her generosity but my mother suspicious; she seemed just a tad too insistent, too eager to burrow her way into our lives.

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Picture Courtesy: Inside Bitcoins
Financial Advisors in UK introduce a petition to ban Bitcoin on grounds of destabilizing the society

Liversidge claims that he has supported many people who were scammed by bad actors. One person was blackmailed when sending personal pictures to a woman he went online. He ended up sending out £5,000, however. An elderly woman who lost £ 18,000 to a South African gang of crypto scammers running a trading program was another victim.

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