NASA's Mars 2020 perseverance Rover mission takes off

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to Earth.

Himalayan climber struggling to survive amidst corona virus pandemic

Since the outbreak of corona virus early this year, tourism industry was a hardest hit in the himalayan nation just at the begining of spring season.  Thousands of persons like Maule Tamang and their...

Astronomers find a strange new type of asteroid near Jupitar

Astronomers have spotted a ''first-of-its-kind'' object near Jupiter's orbit, which appears to be a cross between an asteroid and a comet.

Airline stocks gained further as flights set to resume

The airline stocks gained further on May 22 as Jet Airways, SpiceJet, and InterGlobe Aviation rose 3-5 percent in early trade post as Civil Aviation Ministry allowed resumption of domestic flights beg...


Parks and beaches reopen in Europe as summer hits whereas, springs hits US

After reopen, people are streaming back to beaches, parks, and streets just as a heatwave hits southern Europe and spring-like temperatures allow Americans to shed winter coats.


Qatar: Airways tickets will valid for 2 years, also can change the destination

Qatar Airways is offering greater flexibility to the customers, as tickets are now valid for two years with unlimited changes allowed on dates.

Golf’s famous ‘Hinkle Tree’ from ’79 Open uprooted by wind

A tree that appeared overnight during the 1979 U.S. Open to become a part of golf lore has met its end.