China submits proposal to impose National Security Legislation on Hong Kong, US condemns

China submits proposal to impose National Security Legislation on Hong Kong, US condemns

People’s Republic of China (PRC), on Friday, submitted a proposal to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong amid criticism that it is aimed at anti-government protests and to stifle dissent, according to a report.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today condemned China's proposed national security law to be imposed on Hong Kong.

On the statement given by Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State, published on U.S. Mission Geneva, says “The decision to bypass Hong Kong’s well-established legislative processes and ignore the will of the people of Hong Kong would be a death knell for the high degree of autonomy Beijing promised for Hong Kong under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, an UN-filed agreement.”

“Hong Kong has flourished as a bastion of liberty. The United States strongly urges Beijing to reconsider its disastrous proposal, abide by its international obligations, and respect Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, democratic institutions, and civil liberties, which are key to preserving its special status under U.S. law,” he added.

Pompeo says, “Any decision impinging on Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms as guaranteed under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law would inevitably impact our assessment of One Country, Two Systems and the status of the territory.”

“We stand with the people of Hong Kong,” he added.

The proposed legislation could also heighten tensions between China and the United States, whose relationship has already worsened due to accusations over the origin of the coronavirus pandemic and trade disputes.

The US State Department also warned China, saying a high degree of autonomy and respect for human rights were key to preserving Hong Kong’s special status.

The proposed laws will tackle secession, subversion, and terrorism activities, as well as foreign interference in the city.

Published on: May 22, 2020 23:54:45