India: 'Fair and Lovey' skin cream to be renamed, Unilever removing 'Fair' from its name

Unilever announced on Thursday to rename its popular skin whitening cream ‘Fair and Lovely’ and removing ‘Fair’ from its name.

Unilever, the consumer goods company, which is also behind brands like Dove, Vaseline, and Axe, announced that it was dedicating itself to a "more inclusive vision of beauty” and also says that the brand will remove the words ‘fair,’ ‘light,’ and ‘white’ from all of its product packaging and marketing.

The company had said that the name of cream will be unveiled within the next month, once legal regulations are met in relevant countries.

This announcement comes after Johnson & Johnson company recently declared that it would discontinue the production of skin-lightening products.

All this started after the death of George Floyd in the US and the worldwide debate about racism it sparked.

Unilever has long been criticized for promoting colorism and making girls with darker shades feel insecure and inadequate.

Publish : 2020-06-26 19:14:10

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