US coronavirus cases rises to more than 2.5 million, Johns Hopkins Reports



The United States has recorded more than 2.5 million coronavirus cases and is in the world’s highest rank of the infected nation, according to Johns Hopkins University records on Saturday.

According to the center, the U.S. now has 2,596,770 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and nearly 128,152 deaths.

One of the medical experts has predicts the country's death toll will nearly double by September.

As many as 21 states have recorded their highest number of COVID-19 cases, mostly in South and West of US states.

The cases have increased in large numbers amid a loosening of coronavirus restrictions from the past many weeks.

WHO has already determined Latin America to be the world’s new hotspot for the coronavirus pandemic.

While, Brazil is the most-affected country in the region, and ranks only behind the United States on the overall global list of confirmed cases.

Publish : 2020-06-28 12:59:54

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