Kanye West shocks the world with strange video as he pees on his Grammy award in fight against music labels



American rapper Kanye West has now shocked the world with a rather strange and disturbing video, after going on a rant on Twitter about his rights over his music vs the music labels.

Kanye West was seen peeing on his Grammy as he placed the statuette inside the toilet pot. He shared a video of the same and wrote, “Trust me..I won't STOP.”

Earlier, Kanye took on the music labels Sony and Universal among others calling the act of keeping the artists’ masters after having recorded with them as “modern-day slavery” and said, "I know a lot of musicians are not allowed to say anything but I can’t be muted or canceled so I’m going to say everything as always.”

In another tweet, the rapper wrote: "Here are my ten Universal contracts ... I need every lawyer in the world to look at these," adding that he will stand up against the "masters" who controlled his fellow Black artists through contracts.

Kanye West is an award-winning musician who has been nominated for 69 Grammy Awards and bagged 21.

After the video made it to the internet, Grammy-winner Diane Warren called Kanye West’s actions "vile" and "disrespectful".

Source: Agencies


Publish : 2020-09-18 14:21:26

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