New York City is set to develop a four-million-square-foot climate change research center on Governors Island that houses a living garden and institution to study the impact along the city's 520 miles of coastline

New York City is set to develop a massive four-million-square-foot research center on Governors Island that will study the impact of climate change around the city's 520 miles of coastline.

The Trust for the island released its proposal to build a living laboratory, academic institution, living quarters and public areas for visitors to engage in conversations about our changing world.

The document notes that none of Governors Island Historic district will be affected, as there are some 100 buildings on the grounds that were constructed during the early 19th century.

Along with studying climate change, the center is projected to create 8,000 new jobs and have a $1 billion economic impact for New York City.

Publish : 2020-09-19 01:01:12

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