New York: Two killed and 14 wounded in mass shooting in Rochester

-New York

Photo: Reuters

At least two people have been killed and fourteen were wounded after a mass shooting at an illegal party in Rochester, New York, breaking the COVID restrictions.

Two of the victims, a man, and a woman have reportedly died and 14 surviving victims were taken to two local hospitals.

The Rochester Police Department confirmed the shooting began at around 12:30 am on Saturday and officers received distress calls from an area near Goodman Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Major crime is on the scene of a mass shooting on Pennsylvania Avenue. There are fatalities,” police said in a brief statement.

The city of Rochester has been on edge recently with nightly protests following the release of footage that showed the death of 41-year-old Daniel Prude in police custody.

He died in March, but the case only became public earlier this month. Rochester police chief La'Ron Singletary has since stepped down, saying that his handling of the case was being distorted. Seven officers have also been suspended.


Publish : 2020-09-19 21:10:24

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