US Election: Trump declared himself the sole protector of American values

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Donald Trump, who was elected President in the largest Electoral College landslide for a Republican in 28 years in 2016 carrying the slogan of nationalism, is starting to remember the same slogan in his second term.

Trump, who has been accused by the opposition of racial discrimination, the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the assassination of American values, has vowed to use the weapon of nationalism for a second term.

The US election is scheduled for November 3. Trump’s rival Democrat candidate Joe Biden is presenting himself aggressively. But Trump, who has been campaigning to quell his all-out attack, is finally using the weapon of nationalism.

At the National Museum, Trump declared himself the defender of American values. During his speech, he announced that if he was elected for a second term, he would begin considering patriotism and nationalism in school course books.

During his speech, he sharply criticized the leftist ideology. ”American ideology will now be included in the country’s schools,” he said, adding that misleading propaganda was being spread against him.

Trump said,” Our schools are working to present America as a society with racial discrimination,” and he is against the perception of educating the younger generations.

Trump said that a commission would be formed for this and on his recommendation, nationalism education would be extended to schools. In the last year of Trump’s presidency, ethnic violence has erupted in many US cities. The incident of vandalism of historical sites and idols came out in the revolt of the black people.

Biden has openly criticized Trump on the issue. He has even portrayed Trump as a divisive president. However, Trump said he was deliberately trying to discredit himself. He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was important for Democrats.

“We can’t forget the national hero,” Trump said in a statement, and teach the youth how to love their country.”

Geroge Floyd, a black man, was assassinated by a white police officer during an ethnic riot in Minneapolis last May. A case is pending in the court against four police officers in this incident.

Even after the Floyd incident, blacks were attacked by police in other cities. Currently, there is a campaign called ‘Black Lives Matter’ in the United States. The state had to bear the loss of millions of dollars due to clashes between police and locals in some parts of the country under his campaign.

Trump has become more aggressive after this incident. He has been publicly criticizing the democrats for being left-leaning.

On constitution day, he was targeting Democrats, saying, “ A radical movement has shattered our values.” it’s a campaign to destroy American values.”

Trump raised the same issue in a speech at the National Museum. He is constantly attacking Democrats by associating them with leftist and Marxist ideologies. "The kind of violence you saw a few days ago is the result of years of campaigning leftist ideology," Trump said Sunday. And, it is taught from our school.

Now is the time to study the great history of your country at school and interview young people with America's proud history. '

Surprised by Trump's announcement, William Marsh Rice University historian Professor Douglas Brink called it an election ploy. He said American schools already teach civil rights and history. And, the question is - Does Trump want to change that?

Professor Douglas has linked Trump's announcement to "cultural war." And, again, raises the question, "Is Trump trying to win the election with the help of a cultural war?"

He says Trump has not talked about the contribution of blacks or Hispanics in many places.

Similarly, another professor of history, Dr. Ferris, has also refuted Trump's statement. He said there was no need to set up a separate commission to investigate the historical facts and history. ‘There are already institutions like the National Archives. They receive a very little government subsidy. Despite a little help from the government, the organization is doing a good job. '

Democrats have accused Trump of not attending the ceremony, even though he raised the issue of honoring the national hero.



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