Asteroid that will collide with Earth's orbit bigger than Boeing 747 on Oct 7. Is it dangerous?

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On Tuesday the National Authority for Aeronautics and Space (NASA) warned that on October 7 an asteroid larger than the Boeing 747 aircraft will collide with the Earth's Orbit. The asteroid officially referred to as RK2 2020, was discovered last month as an asteroid of Apollo, the group known for this phenomenon near Earth's orbit.
Asteroid trajectory is currently approximately 80 m wide and 6,68 kilometers per sec, and is estimated to range between 36 and 81 meters in diameter, almost 118-256 ft. wide. The US space agency considers that the space rock could be greater than the wingspan of an almost 68.5 m wide Boeing-747 8-series aircraft.

Is Asteroid 2020 RK2 dangerous?

The space rock is 3,830,238 kilometers from the planet, passing by, but near to the earth and entering its orbit. NASA has told the general public not to be concerned and that chances of causing any real damage are "extremely improper."
However, astronomers are unlikely to see it from Earth despite being near the Earth's orbit. The rock will hit our house, Earth, in Eastern Standard Time at approximately 1.12 p.m. (U.S.) or 6.12 p.m. (British Sommer).
The space rock will not visit our orbit again until August 2027 when it passes safely through planet Earth, according to reported reports.
Also heading towards Earth is an asteroid officially called 2020 SX3. According to NASA, the asteroid is between 38 meters and 86 meters wide – the size of three dual-decker buses is about three.

On 24 September, at an altitude of about 22.000 kilometers above the surface of our planet, a small near-earth asteroid about the size of the school bus zoomed past Earth.

Publish : 2020-10-06 14:50:40

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