'Dexter' to return after 8 years with original star, Michael C Hall

Dexter returns eight years after the crime drama has been acknowledged.

Star Michael C Hall will make a comeback for a 10-episode series, said Showtime network. The managing producer Clyde Phillips will accompany him.

The new episodes will continue the original series, which culminated in a self-imposed exile for Dexter – a forensic blood spill analyst and vigilant serial killer.

Dexter will be produced next year, with an attempted premiere date of 2021 at the end of the year. The series started in 2006-2013.

Showtime Entertainment President Gary Levine: 'Only if we could find a creative approach worthy of a brilliant original series, would we revisit this unique character.

"Now we can't wait for a shot, and show it the world, I am glad to report that Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall have found it."

Dexter was initially a major success, but during the 8-season run, it struggled to maintain its high level of acclaim.

The conclusion was also very ridiculous. For years, fans discussed a follow-up.

Hall, 49, won the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for 5 Primetime Emmy nominations for Dexter.

Publish : 2020-10-15 07:51:00

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