Andre Hill Shooting

Officers stood by while a black man lay dying from a gunshot wound by the officers

Picture Courtesy: WSYX/WTTE
Picture Courtesy: WSYX/WTTE

The video of police in Columbus, Ohio, seems to show that 47-year-old Andre Hill, who is black, was still alive on the garage floor after being shot on 22 December as the area was guarded by officers.

Another officer can be heard in the video saying "Let's cuff him up. He's still moving." five minutes after he was fired by Officer Adam Coy, who is white.

Before he is handcuffed and placed on his back, Mr. Hill is then turned over on his stomach while the officers wait for an ambulance.

A more senior officer appears minutes later and asks, "anybody doing anything for him?" He then orders an officer to initiate CPR. Mr. Hill was eventually declared dead.

Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said that the lack of humanity seen in the video footage horrified him.

"As a police chief, and just as a human being, the events of the last week have left me shaken, and heartbroken for the family of Andre Hill," he said in a statement.

"Every man and woman who wears this badge should feel the same."

Mr. Hill was shot as he emerged from a garage carrying in one hand a cell phone and not visible with his other hand. He hadn't been armed.

On Tuesday, Mr. Coy was sacked by the city after accusing him, among other allegations, of negligence and "gross neglect of duty"

He and another officer were responding to a neighbor's non-emergency call when they met Mr. Hill.

The video also captures a woman telling police that he had given her Christmas money inside the house where Mr. Hill was shot.

She yelled: "He was bringing me Christmas money. He didn't do anything."

Publish : 2021-01-01 11:07:00

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