Capitol Breach

Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol

Capitol secured after tens of thousands of people stormed in to breach the walls of the building


Trump Supporters at the Capitol Building

Angry mob in Washington was ready for a publicity coup when they breached the walls of the US Capitol building, Wednesday. Angry Trump supporters in tens of thousand number went into the building to "save the democracy" and "turn over the rigged election". A woman was shot dead during the shooting to secure the US Capitol.

Some kind of riot was expected in DC when Trump supporters were rallying against election results in the US capital. But the breach of Capitol was not expected at all. The unprecedented incident happened shortly after Trump gave a speech saying, "we will never concede." 

At the moment when Trump was speaking to the rally, vice president Pence released a letter saying, "My oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral vote should be counted and which should not. .... So help me God."

Senators and media outlets have called this event, an attack on democracy.

Protestors even used the confederate flags. The event forced to stop the Congress which has been now resumed.

Many leftwingers have also pointed out the uneven behavior of police when they acted against Black Lives Matter protests more violently but they were much more peaceful. 

Republican Mitch McConnel, Vice president Mike Pence, etc have recently turned against Trump saying "he is undermining democracy". 

Some of the Democrats called on to impeach Trump. While few of the senators pointed out unfairness in the democracy, like the electoral system should be eradicated, and election should be made fairer so that this kind of incident should not happen anymore.

Facebook and Twitter have banned and locked Trump's account respectably.

While the Congress can resume today and Biden will take charge on the twentieth of January but these people who believe their election was stolen will steal be in America and it can be disastrous for the Oldest "democracy" in the world, which many believed has already been dead.

Publish : 2021-01-07 09:22:00

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