US woman who tweeted about dream gay lifestyle in Bali to be deported

Kristen Antoinette Gray accused of breaching Indonesia visa by promoting the island, selling her e-book and offering consulting

Kristen Antoinette Gray, left, in Bali. She claims she is being deported for being gay. Photograph: Firdia Lisnawati via Guardian

An American woman is being deported from Bali over suspected immigration violations after her tweets that celebrated the Indonesian resort island as a low-cost, queer-friendly place for foreigners to live went viral.

Kristen Antoinette Gray arrived in Bali in January last year and ended up staying through the coronavirus pandemic. Her posts on Twitter, including comparisons between Bali and Los Angeles, offers to advise on travel, and links to buy her e-book, began going viral in Indonesia on Sunday.


Many Indonesian social media users were furious, saying the graphic designer was showing off living and working in Bali without a proper visa, and encouraging travel during a pandemic.

Jamaruli Manihuruk, chief of the Bali regional office for the ministry of law and human rights, said Gray may have violated a number of immigration laws, including “spreading information that could unsettle the public”.

Publish : 2021-01-20 14:15:00

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