Fans who were not wearing masks at the Super Bowl will be identified and handled by the Police

Residents of Tampa celebrate a Buccaneers touchdown at a massive block party beside Raymond James Stadium during Super Bowl 55 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, FL. | MARY HOLT | USA TODAY SPORTS

People who ignored the mask mandate at the Super Bowl will be handled by the Tampa Bay Police department. 

Many Super Bowl fans cheering the victory of their home team in the streets were seen to ignore the city's mask mandate. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said those without face covering will be handled by the city's police department.

At a press briefing on Monday, Castor said, "We had tens of thousands of people all over the city, downtown, out by the stadium...and very very few incidents. So I'm proud of our community but those few bad actors will be identified and the Tampa Police Department will handle it."

She noted that the simple practice of wearing masks can reduce the transmission of the COVID dramatically. She added she is proud of the majority of the individuals who were complying with the rule.

"There just has to be that level of personal responsibility. You can supply everyone with a mask, advise them of the science behind it, and expect that they are going to abide by the mask order. Again, you're gonna find a few that don't. The majority that I saw were wearing masks," She said.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV, on Sunday defeating the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Publish : 2021-02-09 17:21:00

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