Hackers attack Myanmar government websites as a protest against coups

via AFP

Hackers target Myanmar government websites to protest against the military coup as the Military Government attempts to obstruct the nationwide opposition with internet blockades and troop deployments.

A group called Mayanmar Hackers disrupted the website including the Central Bank, State-run Broadcaster MRTV, Food, and Drug Administration, the Port Authority, and the Myanmar military's propaganda page.

"We are fighting for justice in Myanmar," The group's post on its Facebook page read.

"It is like mass protesting of people in front of government websites," the group said.

Matt Warren from Australia's RMIT University told AFP that this kind of cyber attack known as hacktivism generally aims at publicity.

"The sorts of attacks they would be undertaking are denial of service attacks or defacing websites, which is called hacktivism," AFP quoted him.

"The impact will be potentially limited but what they are doing is raising awareness.

There have been series of protests in Myanmar after the Junta took over the power and detained the leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi.

Publish : 2021-02-18 15:21:00

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