Myanmar Junta leader called for energetic efforts to revive economy

Myanmar Military Junta Leader | via Myanmar States Media

As the western countries continue sanctions to press the generals leading the Military government.

As the protests denouncing the coup increase, the military has used violence to suppress the coup.

With the growing violence in Myanmar, the west has continuously sanctioned the South East Asian Nation pushing it to the economic crisis.

Military chief Min Aung Hlaing called for cutting the state spending and imports, and to increase the exports.

“The council needs to put its energy into reviving the country’s ailing economy. Economic remedy measures must be taken,” he said, according to the state media.

The Myanmar Army seized the power after alleged fraud in November 9 elections. The fraud claims were dismissed by the electoral commissions.

The military chief did not link the protests directly to the arising economic problems, but  said that the authorities are following a "democratic" path with minimal use of force,

The military has accused protesters of provoking violence.

Publish : 2021-02-23 17:04:00

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