Myanmar Military Coup

Myanmar Junta revokes the license of five media Outlets

Photo: One News

Myanmar Military Council decided to revoke the license of five independent Media Companies.

Myanmar Now, Khit Thit media, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), Mizzima, and 7 Day are the media companies to have their license revoked, according to reports by VoA Myanmar.

VOA further reported that Sai Zin DD Zon, chief editor of the Eastern Review, was arrested Monday in the capital of Shan State, Taunggyi while covering protests there. 

On Monday, the Military Junta had raided the office of Myanmar News Outlet, Myanmar Now.

On Tuesday, there have been reports of several police crackdowns and arrests of at least 50 protestors.

Police opened fire in different places and used stun grenades have been used to disperse the crowds.

No causalities have been reported as of yet.



Publish : 2021-03-09 15:57:00

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