Fears of Serious COVID outbreak at the Everest


Authorities at the Mount Everest Base camp in Nepal say the number of COVID cases among the climbers is rising and a serious outbreak may be ahead. 

Base camp officials say they have received at least 17 confirmed cases from the hospitals in the capital Kathmandu among the climbers to the highest peak in the world.

Hospital staff in Kathmandu confirmed that there have been positive cases among the climbers who have returned from Everest. However, government officials have so far denied having any information of Positive cases at Everest. This has raised eyebrows over if the Nepalese Government is downplaying the extent of the situation.

Authorities are mandating that visiting climbers quarantine in Nepal before proceeding to base camp, but concerns have been raised within the climbing community that a serious outbreak at the mountain would be devastating.

Following the outbreak in bordering India, Nepal has seen a spike in the number of COVID cases. Local Governments over the countries have enforced lock-down and curfews amid the growing number of cases. 

Publish : 2021-05-05 13:59:00

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