Desperate crowds, empty flights and rage in Afghanistan at governments who failed to plan

The US and UK say evacuations are gathering pace, but there seems to be little sign of that in Kabul

The Kabul airport gates were a path not to escape but to hospital for one Afghan human rights activist this week.

A relative was shot in the head in the melee of people trying to leave, and so she spent the evening trudging to a market to buy alcohol and gauze for his wounds. The hospital had run out.


Every day, people are shot, beaten and choked with teargas as they gather outside the concrete barricades that shutter off the last tiny sliver of western-held territory in Afghanistan, and the last hopes of escaping the Taliban regime. At least 12 people have died trying to reach the airport this week, from gunshots or in stampedes.

Publish : 2021-08-21 11:37:00

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