Divers are mistaken for 'sex partners' by sea snakes

Picture Courtesy: Greg Lecoeur / The Week

According to a study, sea snakes mistake divers for prospective sexual partners. According to researchers at Macquarie University in Australia, the creatures charging towards, biting, and coiling around divers may simply be participating in a misdirected seduction. The critters' approaches, which included them flicking their tongues at people, were discovered to be more common during the mating season, which runs from May to August.

A fan of Only Fools & Horses has landed on his garage door

Only Fools and Horses fans have contributed a "significant sum" to charity in memory of a red garage door featured in the TV comedy series. Scott Harrington stated that he planned to open a museum to display mementos so that visitors might "travel down memory lane." His gift was made to the Film and Television Charity to aid the industry's recovery from the pandemic.

A videophile saves 20,000 tapes from the landfill

After traveling 300 miles to gather them, a film lover has rescued more than 20,000 VHS tapes from waste. Andy Johnson, the UK's last video business owner, went from Liverpool to Dundee to collect the loot, which more than doubled his previous 15,000-strong collection. “I've never seen anything this big,” Johnson, the owner of VideOdyssey, remarked.

Publish : 2021-08-24 12:37:00

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