World's largest wooden sailing ship plans to re-sail the trading root from Sweden to China

Photo: Robin Olsson/Courtesy Svenska Ostindiska Companiet

The replica of a trading vessel that sank into the sea nearly 200 years ago will be resailing its path around the world.

The ship named Götheborg-II is a replica of Götheborg which sank in the sea in 1745. The ship then belonged to the Swedish East-India Company.

The "full-scale replica" of the ship Götheborg will be retracing its journey from the eighteenth century that has been planned to begin in April of the year 2022.

The ship's planned itinerary includes stops at London, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca, Athens, Alexandria, Djibouti, Muscat, Chennai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, however, wind and weather conditions are always a concern.

That path involves going through the Suez Canal, which was the setting for a worldwide soap opera earlier this year when a container ship named the Ever Given became trapped there for more than a week, disrupting global supply lines and preventing other ship traffic.

If all goes according to plan, the Götheborg II will dock in Shanghai in October 2022.

The ship is presently docked in Sweden and has 80 crew members on board. At each stop, additional deck personnel will join the crew, increasing the total number of persons on board by around 50, bringing the total number of people on board to over 600.

"The mission for the journey is to strengthen Swedish-Asian trade relations, and promote the need for innovative solutions for a more sustainable world," CNN quoted a representative for the Götheborg II.

"The expedition aims to bring forward Swedish innovations and businesses as an important and necessary part of the solution towards our vision of creating a sustainable future."

Publish : 2021-09-06 17:52:00

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