108 Climbers took permits to climb ‘The Killer Mountain’, Climbers reach Base camp


Pokhara, Nepal
Photo: File Photo | Breaknlinks Nepali Service

The 8,163 meters tall mountain situated in the western part of Nepal, Manaslu, is the eighth highest mountain in the world.

Due to its ever-changing climate, the mountain presents some tough challenges even to those who are experts in mountain climbing. With the clouds, snow, wind, and much more, the mountain is also known as ‘The Killer Mountain’ for its climatic behavior.

Situated between the Gorkha nad Manang districts of Nepal, No one has climbed the mountain from the Manang-side while yearly many people climb through the Gorkha route. However, it is as difficult to climb it from the Gorkha side.

According to the Tourism Department of Nepal, 108 climbers have so far taken the permits to climb the mountain in September. There are 10 different groups of these climbers. 80 male climbers and 28 female climbers seek to conquer the killer mountain this month.

Some of the climbers have reached the basecamp and few have even started their journey to the peak.

In the first three days of September, more than 70 climbers have reached the basecamp.

The locals who make their living through tourism are happy after the climbing resume amid the Pandemic. 

Annually more than 300 mountaineers take the permits according to the tourism authorities in the region. Even last year, about 300 climbers had taken permits to climb.

As the climbing season has resumed the Hotel business in the region seems to be booming.

The local hotel runners seem happy as the climbing resume. One of them said it feels good to see tourism regaining its path after a long break.

Publish : 2021-09-11 12:58:00

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