Both his children were dying. Yemen’s crisis forced him to choose only one to save.

Photos by Lorenzo Tugnoli

Washington Post

Story by Siobhán O'Grady and Ali Al-Mujahed
Mohammed Fulait Ahmed walks among the hills of his village, Moulis, in Yemen’s Maghrabah district.

The choice loomed over Mohammed Fulait Ahmed, burdening him with shame.

His children were starving, and now his two youngest were sick — their tiny bodies burning with fever, their emaciated chests straining for breath. Mohammed’s pockets were empty and a trip to the hospital, three hours away, would cost more than he had made in months.

Desperate for help, he begged a local businessman to lend him money. The man agreed to loan him around $50 — only enough to help pay for one child’s travel to town. The other would have to stay behind.

Publish : 2021-10-31 14:54:00

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