Queen cancels pre-Christmas family lunch as Omicron surges

BBC News

By Joseph Lee

The Queen has canceled her traditional pre-Christmas lunch for extended family as a precautionary measure following the UK's surge in Omicron cases.

A source said it was felt the annual event could put too many people's Christmas plans at risk.

It follows England's chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty's advice to prioritize events "that really matter" to avoid the risk of infection.

The event had been due to take place early next week at Windsor Castle.

The Queen's decision comes as families across the UK consider their Christmas plans in the light of the country's biggest Covid surge yet, with 78,610 cases reported on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to exercise caution in their social contacts but said he was not canceling events and denied claims from his own MPs that he was putting the country into lockdown by stealth.

Publish : 2021-12-16 21:56:00

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