The jobseekers boosting their applications with video CVs

As hiring shifts towards virtual interviews, an increasing number of candidates are jumping in front of the camera to boost their odds of winning a job. Should you do the same?

BBC News

By Joanna York
(Image credit: Courtesy of Chloe Chioy)

Sam Shepler was not surprised the first time he was asked to make a video resume in 2021. The US-based 32-year-old had noticed the trend growing in the previous year, and was applying for a video-editing role. He assumed the company wanted to see him demonstrate those skills and do a quick cultural-fit check at the same time.

Not having made a video resume before, he says: “I did what I would normally do in an interview; tried to just be myself and speak naturally, and focus more on being relaxed.”

Still, the process felt awkward. The role did not require any public speaking, and Shepler had no experience talking about himself on camera. Even though he got the job, the hiring process felt more onerous than usual. “I honestly prefer the old-fashioned resume and interview, even if the interview is via Zoom,” he says.

Publish : 2022-01-24 23:42:00

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