Heavy snow falling across various parts of UK as Brits wake up to post-winter wonderland

A horse in a snowy field in Outlane village in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, on Thursday morning. (Photo via Sky News)

British people have woken up to have snowy weather. They have been using thick blankets post the cold weather. There has also been significant snowfall in Manchester and Durham. 

The frosty turn, which is being powered by a blast of air from the Arctic, comes a week after the start of Spring and a run of unusually warm temperatures, blue sky, and sunshine. 

Yesterday the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning in Scotland, forecasting wintry showers expected to turn into snow and hail in the early hours of this morning. 

In Redcard one man caught the moment the flash of lightning ripped through the sky before the snowfall happened. 

People are going crazy over this weather and some are stunned by the sudden weather changes. 

There are pictures about this is going trending over Twitter and all social media. 


Publish : 2022-03-31 04:22:00

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