Ben Foster reveals ex- Man Utd man 'Could have been the best player in the world'

Anderson and Foster enjoying League Cup glory in 2009 (Picture: Getty Images)

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has declared that Anderson could have been the best player in the world – if only he had applied himself. 

The retired midfielder is viewed as one of the Red Devil's biggest let-downs of the Premier League era even though he won six major honors with the club. 

Anderson spend eight years at the club playing 150 league matches but failed to live up to the expectations and reputation as he came to the club. 

If the player put forth himself and applied himself more showing his commitment to the club. His career now would've been something else now as he is now. 

"But he just didn’t care about this enough, about anything, honestly he didn’t care about whatever it was, you just put him in the pitch and that was it", Foster says. 

Maybe there are chances that he played for a club like Manchester United and it was a heavy burden for him to live up to the expectations and he lost his full potential. 

Which led him to quit the club.


Publish : 2022-03-31 16:46:00

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