Airports Around the World Battle Long Lines, Canceled Flights


By Benjamin Katz and Alison Sider
Photo: Jonathan Pavlinec/Storyful

Delays, cancellations, long lines and lost baggage are plaguing air travel world-wide, as airlines and airports struggle with soaring summer demand and staff shortfalls.

London’s Gatwick Airport has told airlines to cut back on inbound flights as it struggles with staff shortages and canceled flights. Over a four-day weekend celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this month, lines of passengers waiting to check in stretched out of the terminal. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is limiting the number of passengers allowed inside, asking travelers not to show up more than four hours before their flights. It is also warning them to wear comfortable shoes for the hourslong wait once inside.

Publish : 2022-06-22 08:12:00

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