Elon Musk Takes Unusually Long Twitter Break


By Sarah E. Needleman and Inti Pacheco
Elon Musk’s break from Twitter follows a recent period in which he was especially active on the platform. PHOTO: JOE SKIPPER/REUTERS

Elon Musk is on his longest stretch without posting on Twitter in nearly five years, a nine-day hiatus that comes in the midst of tumultuous efforts to complete his planned $44 billion deal to buy the platform.

The billionaire chief executive of Tesla Inc. TSLA -1.76%▼ last posted on June 21, marking Thursday as the most extended silence since October 2017. Normally a serial tweeter, he hasn’t gone more than six days without tweeting since January 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of tweet data. Since then he has taken a few four-day breaks, most recently this past January, the analysis shows.

Publish : 2022-07-01 11:39:00

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