EU Parliament approves universal USB-C charger across Europe

The EU has decided all smartphones sold in the bloc, including the iPhone, must be equipped with the USB-C port for wired charging by the autumn of 2024. (Photo: EPA)

Rules mandating a standardized charger for all electronic gadgets, from iPhones to electric toothbrushes, have now received the backing of the European Parliament and will be enacted throughout the European Union.

The European Union will have a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras by 2024, a first in the world that is projected to have a greater impact on Apple than on its competitors.

The USB-C connectors utilized by Android-based devices are the EU standard, requiring Apple to alter the charging port for iPhones and other devices.

Complaints from iPhone and Android users that they had to replace chargers for their devices spurred the change, which had been considered for years.

Apple is projected to be among the most affected of the major European suppliers of electronic goods, but analysts also anticipate a possible positive influence, as it may push consumers to purchase the company's newest devices instead of those without USB-C.

Analysts have speculated that the agreement may also influence Samsung, Huawei, and other device manufacturers, as it includes e-readers, earbuds, and other technology.

The reform was backed by a significant majority of EU politicians, with 602 votes in favor and only 13 against.

Publish : 2022-10-04 17:21:00

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