Italian Paraclimbing world champion Simone Salvagnin set off to climb Ganchenpo peak

He is accompanied by a team of record breaker Sanu Sherpa, who scaled the world's highest 14 peaks twice, Italian climber Luca Montanari and strong Nepalese mountain guides. 

The world champion Italian Simone Salvagnin is set off to climb Mt. Ganchenpo peak (6378 m). He is accompanied by mountain guide and Montura testimonial Luca Montanari, D’Emilia Alessandro, Della Mura Marco, and a team of strong and renowned Nepalese mountain guides and climbers. The team has already left for the expedition on October 28, Saturday. The team will be opening the route and climbing from Sindhupalchok's side for the first time.

Ganchenpo peak (6,378 meters) lies in the Jugal mountain range in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Ravindra Aryal, founder of Garima Voyage Tours and Travel, said that the Ganchenpo climbing campaign is being made to retain the world's attention and assist in the development of the local community's future through sustainable tourism. The rural development and sustainable tourism project is a joint effort of Garima Voyage and New Vision Nepal organization.

The goal to attempt the Ganchenpo summit is to bring the world's attention to the project of rural development and sustainable tourism that is initiated by Garima Voyage and the NGO New Vision Nepal. 

The organization is aiming to achieve certification as a 'Sustainable destination'  by 2024 for Melamchi, Panchpokhri and Helambu areas.

The region has a concentrated network of trails developed with the support of the local government bodies and technical assistance from S.A.T. (Società Alpinisti Tridentini).

The participation of Simone Salvagnin, a visually impaired athlete has made this campaign more significant. A 37 years old Simone is also a spokesperson of the United Nations. The organizers believe that his experience and success accomplished will allow him to gain greater experience from a different perspective than other participants.

Team leader Ravindra Aryal,  Ashok Bhatta, the President of New Vision Nepal, world-famous Nepali mountain guide and world record breaker Sanu Sherpa, who has climbed all 14 mountains above 8000 meters twice, and other Nepalese climbers Lal waiba, Ram Kaji Tiwar,  and support team is participating in the climbing team. Ganchenpo Himal climbing is organized by Garima Voyage, while ground handling and climbing technical assistance is provided by the Mountain Guide Association of Nepal (MoGAN).

Team leader Ravindra Aryal and New Vision Nepal President Ashok Sharma Bhatt are on the climbing team with the Italian team. Similarly, the world-famous Nepali mountain guide Sanu Sherpa, who has climbed all 14 mountains of 8000 meters twice, Kanchi Dolma Halmo, the first Everest climber of the Hyolmo community, including Nepali climbers Lal Bahadur Waiba, Ramkaji Tiwari, Sanjiv Gurung, and other supporting group are included in the expedition.

'The team consists of team world famous Nepalese mountain climbing guides.'
Sanjiv Gurung, president of MoGAN, who is also the coordinator of the climbing team said he is confident in making exploration and expedition successful.

Ganchenpo Peak lies in the Jugal mountain range in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It is located in Rasuwa District. It lies west of Urkenmang and 14.4 km east of Ganjala Chuli and 6.6 km southwest of Langsha Ri at an altitude of 6378 meters.

Ganchenpo mountain is close to Kathmandu and has big commercial potential for climbing. Additionally, organizers believe that achievements obtained from the Ganchenpo summit will spread the positive message all over the world and help in establishing it as a viable sustainable tourism-based tourism product.
Thakur Raj Pandey, senior vice president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)  wishes the climbing team a successful climb and handed over the association's flag before their departure on Friday.

The climbing expedition is initiated by Garima Voyage in support of Montura, a prestigious outdoor clothing company in Italy. The campaign is also supported by Panch Pokhri Thangpal Rural Municipality, Nepal Mountaineering Association, MoGAN, and other individual associations.

Exploration and Climbing Route:

The team traveled to Bhotang from Kathmandu to Bhotang via Melamchi. Then they will be trekking through Tupi, Danda, Nosyangpati, Panchpokhri, Chyaksal, and Langsing Valley to South West camp.

The eleven-member climbing team will begin the expedition from the west base camp at an altitude of 4800 meters elevation, and they are planning to reach the summit in about 7 days.

Publish : 2022-10-30 14:30:00

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