A dedicated cop and a career criminal’s lives collide on suburban street, leaving both dead

LA Times

Deputy Isaiah Cordero(Riverside County Sheriff’s Department)

Since he was a child, Isaiah Cordero had wanted to be in law enforcement.

He considered the Border Patrol, then decided instead to join the Sheriff’s Department. The positive, energetic deputy worked in jails in Riverside County, but ultimately chose to be out in the streets patrolling and applied himself to become a part of the department’s motorcycle unit.

“He gave his all to his job,” said his ex-girlfriend, Karla Morales."He loved his co-workers. That’s what kept him going even on his toughest days.”

William Shea McKay, 44, had a long and violent criminal history and was constantly fleeing from police.

The three-time convicted felon had a history of trying to evade police, which in each case led to violent confrontations, court records show.

Publish : 2022-12-31 14:46:00

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