Trans woman and an ex-student at Nashville school made 'manifesto' before killing 6, including 3 children

Children were pictured being led away from the scene of the shooting. (Photo: Getty Images)

The 28-year-old trans woman who killed three children and three adults at a Nashville Christian school before being killed by law enforcement possessed a "manifesto" and comprehensive maps of the school, according to authorities.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a former school student, was shot and killed by police following a confrontation with officers following the shooting at Covenant School.

According to authorities, Hale, a Nashville resident, was armed with two assault-style rifles, a pistol, and a handgun.

Before the murders, the shooter, described by police as a "lone zealot," entered the building by shooting through a door.

Also, police disclosed that Hale identified as a trans woman.

Police chief John Drake said: "We have a manifesto. We have specific papers that we're reading over that connect to this day, the actual occurrence. We have a map sketched out about how this would take place.

Police have identified the six victims as nine-year-olds Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney.

The adult victims were identified as Cynthia Peak, Mike Hill, 61, and the school's principal, Katherine Koonce, 60.

"In remarks after the massacre, President Biden applauded law enforcement reacting to the tragedy and termed the shooting "sick".

According to the PD, two members of the five-person response team opened fire on the suspect at 10:27 a.m. local time (4:27 p.m. BST), with the entire event lasting 14 minutes.

"MNPD has killed the shooter; student reunion with parents will occur at Woodmont Baptist Church, 2100 Woodmont Boulevard."

According to the school's website, Covenant School has approximately 200 students and reportedly held an active shooter training program in 2022.

Publish : 2023-03-28 11:25:00

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