Jupiter And Saturn a Coin Apart Tonight, Here's How To Watch

If the sky is clear tonight, you can witness the rare Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, happening after 800 years.

Image Credit: Skysafari App

Two of the largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn will be 'a coin apart' tonight. This rare phenomenon is termed 'The Great Conjunction'. The event marks the closest encounter between Jupiter and Saturn after 800 years. Due to proximity, the togetherness of two gas giants is dubbed 'Christmas Star', as it is to make a grand stage tonight. 

Being separated just by one tenth of a degree, the Great Conjunction will appear as two distinguishable points rather than a 'single star'. However, one's eyesight, atmospheric clearness and weather are likely obstructions for its visibility. 

How To Watch The Christmas Star? 

  • Date: 21st Dec. 2020 
  • Southwest Sky 
  • About 30 mins after sunset 
  • The earlier, the better. 
  • Binoculars or Telescopes aren't mandatory. If you have them, better. 




Publish : 2020-12-21 11:35:00

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