Brazil's President tested for Covid-19

Brazil's President tested for Covid-19

SAO PAULO- Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was tested for pandemic (Covid-19) after having an X-ray of his lungs on Monday.

He had not confirmed any symptoms of the new coronavirus and told all fellow supporters that he is feeling well. The result of the test will be known on Tuesday.

Bolsonaro after meeting with U.S President Donald Trump in March at Florida took multiple Covid-19 tests. The test was done using pseudonyms that is a test done for higher leaders and officials in order to maintain their secrecy. At 65, the president is considered to be a high-risk patient.

Brazil now has a total of 1,603,055 confirmed cases and 64,867 confirmed deaths, the Health Ministry said.

Epidemiologists said the true numbers are much higher because of lack of testing.

Published on: Jul 07, 2020 15:32:49